The Paper Plant

Hand-laid Papers and Small Press Publications

The Paper Plant was a bookstore and book arts center in downtown Raleigh from 1982-1990.  John Dancy-Jones was owner and operator.  He is editor of The Paper Plant as small press publisher.


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The Paper Plant

Small Press Titles & Hand-laid Paper Products

Small Press Titles – The Paper Plant, Peloria Press, Half-Moon Press
Warren Ashby’s Frank Porter Graham, Fred Chappell Broadside
Hand-laid Paper, Stationary, Blank Books, Papermaking Classes

The Paper Plant Press publishes broadsides, folders and chapbooks using handlaid recycled paper and letterpress printing in conjunction with current desktop publishing technologies.  From 1983-90, the Paper Plant bookstore sponsored a weekly open poetry series, and many of the chapbook authors emerged from that setting. Twenty published titles include award-winning alternative literature, a fine arts calendar, and a children’s book.  Many of our writers regularly feature as performance poets.  We seek to present an alternative take on the publishing process, looking for non-academic, even non-literary influences, in a search for poetry as an oral art, in a belief that poetry is an essential and multifarious expression of life.

John Dancy-Jones, Publisher, Printer & Papermaker

The Paper Plant
(919) 839-8277


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