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Non-Fiction Poems and By The Blood


Non-Fiction Poems. Bob Rogers. 1986.

By The Blood.  Ralph Dunn. 1986

DOUBLE CHAPBOOK _ TWO FOR ONE COMBINED – 40 total pp. with hand-laid  letterpress cover.  $8.00    order

Non-Fiction PoemsBob Rogers & By The Blood Ralph Dunn
40 pp. chapbook duet with handlaid letterpress cover
Bob Rogers operates a word processing company in Raleigh while continuing the jazz and radio work he has pursued for over twenty five years. Ralph Dunn enjoyed great notoriety as the Taxicab Poet of Raleigh until his passing in summer of 2001.
ISBN 0-929170-07-5. $8.00


We Humbly Declare a Debt of Gratitude Owed to the Following

We Humbly Declare a Debt of Gratitude Owed to the Following. Ralph Dunn. Illustrated by the author. 1998.  12 pp chapbook with hand-laid letterpress cover.  $5.00    order

We Humbly Declare a Debt of Gratitude Owed to the FollowingRalph Dunn
This twelve page chapbook with a letterpressed hand-laid paper cover contains an epic urban poem which moves in a descriptive and humorous way through life on the street. Mr. Dunn, who enjoyed great notoriety as Raleigh’s Taxicab Poet, takes a hard look at himself and the decidedly various people he meets, merging dramatic monologue, rant, and nostalgia into a multi-part hymn to the city. Three illustrations by the author are included.
ISBN 0-929170-13-X $5.00