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The Little Heel

The Little Heel. Lee Moore. illustrated by David Larson. 2004.  $5.00    order

The Little Heel Lee Moore, Illustrated by David Larson
This quaint and quirky tale is for divergent-thinking children of all ages. Originally published as a serial in FARCE, the cultural newsletter of The Paper Plant bookstore, this chapbook presents the entire story with the hitherto unpublished conclusion. Five illustrations by David Larson illuminate the Little Heel’s memorable misadventures.
ISBN 0-929170-16-4. $5.00


The Suicide of Hooker Van Dusen

Hooker Van Dusen.  John Dancy-Jones.  Illustrated by David Larson. 1985.  40 pp perfect bound chapbook.  $5.00    order


David Larson Calendar for 2000

Everybody’s favorite Raleigh artist in the eighties was David Larson.  He has illustrated innumerable band posters, zine covers and most of the Paper Plant titles.  His slightly spooky expressionistic pastel portraits grace many a wall in the cool homes of this town.  The calendar offers a taste of his black and white work, with many tiny Larson portraits on the famous birthdates charted by calendar editor John Dancy-Jones.  The twelve main images were created in Sharpie marker on square wooden boards from David’s employment at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store.

David Larsons’s Calendar for 2000.  1999.  $12.00    order