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Summer Flowers Make Fall Notecards


We grew lots of flowers in our Asheville garden this summer and I picked and bookpressed or dried between screens LOTS of petals for papermaking. We incorporate the sheets into the pulp, though a great deal of “cheating” – repositioning and adding petals, anchoring with bits of pulp – is done to make them look good.


The petals are fragile and vulnerable to all kinds of problems, from drying to papermaking to drying again. I used a fan to quickly dry boards of petal sheets this year, since I was in a rush to use the petals. Usually, they cure for up to a year.


larkspur notecard

The cards have a writing sheet tipped inside and come with an all-deckle edge envelope. They are $4 apiece; a set of 5 in a ribbon is $17. You can check them our on our Etsy page, or order what you see here.

bee balm card

bee balm card

cornflower card

cornflower card

sunflower card

sunflower card

Each type has a little foliage included. The yellow card above has regular and Mexican sunflowers, black-eyed susan, and dried leaves of artimesia. If you take my class, you may bring about any 2-D material to put in your paper; we have a few surplus jars of petals you may dip into as well.




Bee Balm Notecards

Our flower petals are bookpressed, then suspended in the pulp as we make the sheets.  A writing sheet is tipped in. Set of five is $17, single cards are $4.

single card with handmade paper envelope


Our note cards at Etsy