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Science Fiction – Formative Years List

Science Fiction & Fantasy. periodical late 1960s.

Astounding. periodical late 1960s.

Three Times Infinity.  Ray Bradbury and Leigh Brackett, Theodore Sturgeon, Robert A. Heinlein. 1958. Gold Medal pprbk 1963.

13 Great Stories of Science Fiction. ed. Conklin.  Sturgeon, Clarke, Damon Knight, Poul Anderson, John Wyndham, Algis Budrys, others. 1960.  Gold Medal pprbk 1962.

The City and the Stars.  Arthur C. Clarke. 1957. Signet.

Skyport.  Curt Siodmak.1961. Signet.

War Against the Rull. A. E. Van Vogt. 1959.

Illustrated man. Ray Bradbury. 1952. Bantam.

I, Robot.  Isaac Asimov. 1950. Doubleday.

Childhood’s End.  Arthur C. Clarke. 1953. Ballantine.

The Man Who Fell to Earth. Walter Tevis. 1963. Lancer.

The Demolished Man.  Alfred Bester. 1953. Signet.

   Time Probe: The Sciences in SF. anthology. ed. AC Clarke. 1963. Dell.

   Nebula Award anthology. Annual, late 60’s.

   Science Fiction Argosy.  anthology. ed. Damon Knight. 1972. Victor Gollancz.

   The Science Fiction hall of Fame.  anthology. ed. Robert Silverberg.  1970 and 1973.

The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World.  Harlan Ellison. 1969. Signet.

   Before the Golden Age. 1930’2 anthology. ed. Asimov. 1974.

   Dangerous Visions and all sequels.  anthology.  ed. Ellison.

2001 Space Odyssey. Arthur C. Clarke. 1968. Signet.

Alone Against Tomorrow.  Harlan Ellison. 1976. MacMillan.

A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire.  Michael Bishop.

Valentine’s Castle.  Robert Silverberg. 1980. Harper & Row.

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My Fifty Top Influential Books

In rough chronological order of their influence on me.  Most pictured above.

The Thinking Machine.  Jaques Futrelle.

Adrift In a Boneyard.  Robert Lewis Taylor.

The Lion’s Paw.  Robb White.

Fire-Hunter. Jim Kjelgaard.

Chessman of Mars.  E.R. Burroughs.

The Time Machine.  H.G. Wells.

The Great Imposter.  Robert Crichton.

Birdman of Alcatraz.  Thomas E. Gaddis.

Mulata. Miguel Angel Asturias.

The Pearl.  John Steinbeck.

The Jungle. Upton Sinclair.

Brave New World.  Aldous Huxley.

Darkness At Noon.  Arthur Koestler.

Steppenwolf and Siddhartha.  Herman Hesse.

Letters From Earth.  Mark Twain.

Hiroshima.  John Hershey.

Death Be Not Proud.  John Hershey.

The Tolkien Reader.  JRR Tolkien

The War with the Newts. Karel Capek.

Grendel.  John Gardner.

The Odyssey. Homer (Robert Fitzgerald).

The Aeneid of Virgil.  Allen Mandelbaum.

Premier Book of Major Poets.  Anita Dore.

King James Bible.

Funeral Rites.  Jean Genet.

Nausea.  Jean Paul Sartre.

The Web and the Rock.  Thomas Wolfe.

Gandhi: His Life and Message for the World.  Louis Fischer.

Middlemarch.  George Eliot.

Hard Living On Clay Street.  Joseph T. Howell.

Hitler: a Study in Tyranny.  Alan Bullock.

The Viking Portable Neitzsche.

Does It Matter.  Alan Watts.

Be Here Now.  Ram Dass.

The Cost of Discipleship.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer.


Report From Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace. Anonymous

Steps to an Ecology of the Mind.  Gregory Bateson.

Poetic Meter and Poetic Form.  Paul Fussell.

The Rhetoric of Fiction.  Wayne C. Booth.

On Poetry and Style.  Aristotle.

Critics and Criticism.  R.S. Crane.

Caleb, My Son.  Lucy Daniels.

Waiting For Godot.  Samuel Beckett.

Nadya.  Andre Breton.

Orlando.  Virginia Woolf.

Midquest.  Fred Chappell.

The Woman at the Washington Zoo.  Randall Jarrell.

The Collected Works of billy the Kid.  Michael Ondaatje.

The Journal of Albion Moonlight.  Kenneth Patchen.


honorable mentions:  Treasure Island,  Tolkien’s Trilogy, A Book of Heroes by Heiderstadt,  God’s Little Acre by Caldwell, Catcher in the Rye, Nigger by Dick Gregory, All the King’s Men, Call It Sleep by Henry Roth, Chaim Potok’s The Chosen.

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